CushionCraft PureSleep Luxury Pillows


The ultimate sleep pillow designed for cooling comfort and support.

CushionCraft PureSleep Luxury Pillows are crafted to provide the most peaceful and luxurious sleep you’ve ever experienced. Our PureSleep Luxury pillows are filled with UltraCool MicroDown Fill: a silent, temperature-regulating, high airflow microdown that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. With its hypoallergenic properties and machine washability, the UltraCool MicroDown Fill guarantees both best comfort and effortless pillow care. Lastly, these pillows feature a PureSleep Luxury Cover, which is our quietest and softest pillow cover ever. Try a CushionCraft PureSleep Luxury Pillow and enjoy the most luxurious sleep you’ve ever experienced!

Key Product Features

  • UltraCool MicroDown Luxury Fill: Silent, temperature regulating, high airflow microdown fill
  • PureSleep Firmness: The perfect firmness for restful comfort and support in any position
  • PureComfort Ultra-Soft Luxury Cover: Our quietest and softest pillow cover ever
  • Easy Care: Machine washable & dryable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials: Perfect for sleepers with allergies or sensitive skin
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