CushionCraft Heavy Duty Foam & Fabric Adhesive


Stronger and faster bonding for your project.

Ultra-strong and ultra-fast tack low-odor adhesive spray for superior bonding of foam and fabric to a variety of substrates. Specially formulated with low soak-in technology, its laced spray pattern keeps the adhesive near your substrate surface, preventing waste and making each can last longer. Create professional products faster with CushionCraft Heavy Duty Foam & Fabric Adhesive.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Ultra-Strong Bond
  • Ultra-Fast Tack
  • Low-Odor Formula
  • Low Soak-In Technology
  • Clear, Flexible Glue Seam

Additional Product Insights:

  • Robust Solvent-Based Formula: Built for long-lasting adhesion, this adhesive relies on a solvent-based formula.
  • Regulation-Compliant: Complies with VOC regulations, meeting the standards for both CA and OTC guidelines.
  • Web Spray Pattern

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