CushionCraft Comfort Premium+ Foam - Reversible


Premium multi-layer comfort foam.

Premium multi-layer comfort foam. Luxurious memory foam with Supportive Air Technology fused over our Comfort Premium support core. Supportive Air top layer dissipates heat to ensure comfort at any temperature. Premium support core provides exceptional joint and body relief and relaxation. The ultimate in luxury plus support. Available in 3-layer (dual-sided memory foam) for reversible cushions, both in 4” and 5”.

Aside from samples, all SKUs sold in 24" x 72" sheets.


Recommended Uses

• Perfect for indoor couch and chair cushions
• Mattresses
• Mattress reupholstery
• Marine seating
• Can use with CushionCraft Moisture Barrier or EZ Film for greater protection in wet environments

Technical Specs
• High density polyurethane foam core for exceptional durability and body support
• Outer layer has Supportive Air Technology that dissipates heat for a more comfortable surface
• Made in the USA

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