CushionCraft PatioDry Foam

The ideal choice for long-lasting, comfortable outdoor seating that is regularly exposed to rain. Built with water draining design and DriFast™ technology, this foam stays dry and ready to enjoy. Superior performance in fatigue tests, it stands up to extreme wear. Its biocide antimicrobial treatment and air-circulation allows it to breathe and makes it resistant to mold and bacteria.

Recommended Uses
  • Patio furniture cushions
  • Also used for boat seating, golf carts, etc. regularly exposed to water
  • To allow water to flow through cushion, do not wrap with CushionCraft EZ Film or CushionCraft Moisture Barrier

Technical Specs
  • 55 ILD Value / 2.0 lbs cu/ft Density
  • Dri Fast™ design makes water drain through and quickly dry
  • Antimicrobial Treatment – Mold and Mildew Resistant, Anti-Pinking
  • Open Cell reticulated polyurethane
  • Flame suppressants meet MVSS-302 and Cal-TB-117

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